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For Attorneys: CJA

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about CJA:


How do I get appointed to the CJA Panel?

The panel is appointed and selected from submitted applications.  Find more information on how to apply to the CJA panel on our Panel Information page.

How will I be notified if I am selected to be on the panel?

A panel committee consisting of judges, representatives from the federal defenders office, the cja attorney representative and clerks office staff review all submitted applications and selects the panel.  You will receive an email letting you know if you were, or were not, selected for the panel after the panel committee has met.

How will I be appointed to a case?

The Clerk's Office will call you when a defendant is in need of representation.  The Clerk's Office has an automated system that randomly draws the next attorney.  You will be called by one of the docket clerks.  It is a good idea to have someone who can accept or decline a case on your behalf if you are not available.  For more information, visit our Panel Information page.

What is the process for receiving payment for CJA work?

The Court uses an automated submission and approval process for payment for CJA work.  For more information, visit our eVoucher page.

How do I find out who is on the CJA Panel?

Panels are selected each year and a General Order is signed.  This order has a list of the panel members.

How do I get my subpoenas served?

The U.S. Marshal Service must serve your subpoenas.  See the Procedural Information page for more information.

What do I bring to court for an Initial Appearance/Arraignment?

For guidance on meeting with your client prior to the hearing beginning as well as what forms you will need to bring with you to court, see our Procedural Information page.

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Can I send substitute counsel to court in my place?

In exceptional situations where the appearance is perfunctory and not substantive in any way, e.g. to plead not guilty to a superseding indictment, you are advised to first check with the Federal Defenders Office if they are available to appear on your behalf.  If someone from their office is not available, associate counsel may fill in provided they are a current member of the CJA Panel.

Out-of-Court interpreter services?

General Order #253 authorizes interpreter services at $50 per hour for Non-Certified Interpreters (not to exceed $300 per day) and $60 per hour for Certified Interpreters (not to exceed $360 per day).  To see a list of all the interpreters available who may provide out-of-court services, see the Interpreter List and Contact Information sheet.

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