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District of Idaho

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Disclosure of Information
Disclosure of Information

It is the policy of the U.S. Probation Office to provide information regarding past or present federal offenders and defendants, to government agencies within the limits of our disclosure policy and the regulations of the U.S. Courts.  However, absent a specific memorandum of understanding between another federal, state, or municipal agency and this District, only unsealed docket information available to the public will be provided.

Examples of information that can be provided within this policy are docketed indictments, plea agreements, complaints, criminal informations, judgment and commitments, and supervision termination documents. Specifically excluded from departure are probation records, including presentence and supervision reports, and any documents sealed by court order.

A request for records from a government agency should include the name, birth date, case number if known, and any other identifying characteristics.  A request for records should be emailed to:  A return email address should be included along with a name and contact number.  Do not fax requests as they will not be answered.

Updated on Mar 12, 2014
Subpoena of Court Records and Testimony

The regulations governing the subpoena of judiciary personnel testimony and/or judiciary records is governed by Volume 20, Chapter 8 of the Guide to Judiciary Policy.

Testimony and/or production of records may only be provided if authorized by the determining officer. In the case of the District of Idaho, the determining officer is the Chief Probation Officer. When a request is made, it will be considered pursuant to Vol.20, Ch. 8, § 850 and a written response will be provided.  If you intend to subpoena judiciary records or the testimony of a judiciary employee, which includes U.S. Probation Officers, you are encouraged to contact the Chief Probation Officer directly at (208) 334-9107, prior to submitting a written request.

Updated on Jan 19, 2023
Disclosure Policies
District of Idaho Policy 4.01
4.01 Disclosure, Release of Information & Subpoena Procedures

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