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Federal Jury Service
Fill out Questionnaires
National eJuror Program

Our court uses the national eJuror program which gives potential jurors the option to fill out their jury questionnaires online through the U.S. Court's website.

Complete Questionnaire(s)

Complete Questionnaires(s)

Click the button below to complete your online questionnaires.  You will need your nine (9) digit juror participant number which is located on your jury summons.

IMPORTANT:  Questionnaires can not be completed on mobile devices.

Questions about Jury Service

If you have questions about jury service, please review the Jury FAQs page.

Fill out Questionnaires using eJuror

IMPORTANT When filling out your questionnaires, Do Not use the browser back and forward arrows/buttons on the top of the computer screen or you will automatically be logged out of eJuror losing the information that you have entered. 

Please use the buttons at the bottom of the eJuror questionnaire screens as shown below.

Finding your Juror Participant Number

Your nine (9) digit juror participant number is located on your jury summons above Step 1. If you have lost your paperwork, please call the jury office to obtain a new summons and your juror participant number.



I don't have a computer

The court understands that not all prospective jurors have access to a computer. You may wish to use your local library’s public computer terminals to access our website. The court also makes computers available to the public if it is convenient for you to visit us at our court location. However, if none of these options are available to you, and you require a paper copy of the questionnaires, please call toll free 1-844-868-6769.


  • If your address is different than what is listed on the summons, please provide your new address.
  • Paper questionnaires need to be completed and returned immediately
  • Please make sure that questions 10 and 11 are completed.

Please note:
Federal law requires you as a prospective juror to indicate your race and ethnicity.  This answer is required solely to avoid discrimination in juror selection and has absolutely no bearing on qualifications for jury service.  By answering this question you help the federal court check and observe the juror selection process so that discrimination does not occur.  In this way, the federal court can fulfill the policy of the United States, which is to provide jurors who are randomly selected from a fair cross section of the community.

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