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District of Idaho

Chief Judge David C. Nye

Public 1
U.S. Courts District of Idaho Seal
Chief U.S. Magistrate Judge Ronald E. Bush
Contact Chambers
Chambers Staff
Chambers Main (208) 334-9150
Law Clerk Daniel Gordon (208) 334-1881
Law Clerk Kenneth Shumard (208) 334-1376
Courtroom Deputy Lynette Case (208) 334-9023


Scheduling: Please call Lynette Case for all administrative, procedural, and calendar matters.

Updated on Oct 16, 2017
Docket Clerks

Docket clerks are assigned cases by the terminal end digit of the case number.  See the chart below to find the docket clerk for a case.  You are, however, welcome to call any of the docket clerks with your filing questions.

Docket Clerk Civil & Criminal Case Assignment



Term Digits

Other Duties Assigned

Phone Number


Kelly Montgomery Operations Manager   CJA Administrator, Ops Manager Assignments, Interpreter Coordinator, Stats, Reconciliation Clerk 334-9028
Jill Palkoner Operations Analyst 8

Dictionary, CJA Administrator, Ops Analyst Assignments, Stats, Intake, Mail, Internal QC

Annie Williams Operations Specialist 5, 6, & 7 Bankruptcy Dictionary, Intake, Mail, FBI Requests, CVB Clerk for Northern Division 665-6844
Jocelyn Dunnegan Operations Specialist 3, 4, & 9 Intake, Mail 334-9095
Crystal Hall Operations Specialist 0, 1, & 2 Intake, Mail 334-9397
Kim Tudela Operations Specialist Intake Intake, Transcripts/Audio Requests, Bankrupcty case opening QC 334-1358


Updated on Oct 11, 2019
Applicable Rules - Communication

Communication with the Court:   Dist. Idaho L. Rule 77.4

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