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Bankruptcy Self Representation (Pro Se)
Official and Procedural Bankruptcy Forms
Chapter 13 Packet REVISED 12/1/2017 Fillable 3,158 KB
This packet DOES NOT include the Chapter 13 Plan.
Chapter 13 Plan (12/1/17)
Local form to be used for initial, amended and modified plans filed on or after 12/1/17.
Idaho Local Bankruptcy Forms

In some situations the District of Idaho has created or modified Bankruptcy forms to adhere to local practices and procedures.  Links to the modified forms are located below.  

Note:  This module was turned off by LG & BC.  Some forms were changed due to forms modification project and it was decided there is no one to maintain local fillable pdf forms.

Reaffirmation Forms & Information

Reaffirmation Forms are available on the Official AO Forms Page (Part I & II). (see link above)

Reaffirmation Notes:

  • Form B427 - Reaffirmation Cover Sheet must be used regardless of which reaffirmation form is being used. (Part I)
  • Form B2400A integrates the reaffirmation agreement, disclosures, and other documents necessary for a debtor to reaffirm a debt. (Part II)
  • Form B2400A cannot be used with a separate, attached reaffirmation agreement. (Part II)
  • Form B2400A/B ALT must be used if you have a separate, attached reaffirmation agreement. (Part II)
Updated on Sep 02, 2016
Means Test Current Forms

All current means testing forms can be found on the Official AO Forms Page.

Dept of Justice Data Required for forms 22A & 22C
Data required for completing Form 22A and Form 22C can be found on the Department of Justice website by clicking the link above.
Other Helpful LInks

Use the link below to locate Charts Reflecting affected Code Sections and Revised Dollar Amounts available from the US Government Printing Office.

Updated on Apr 14, 2014
U.S. Government Printing Office
Written decisions can be located from this link

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