Chief U.S. District Judge David C. Nye
Case Assignment

General Case Assignment Information

As an Article III judge, Chief Judge Nye handles felony criminal matters, death penalty cases, and Class A misdemeanors if the parties choose not to consent to a magistrate judge. Judge Nye and Judge Winmill are randomly assigned all felony criminal matters.

For civil cases, Judge Nye and Judge Winmill are randomly assigned approximately one-half of all civil matters. Additionally, if a party requests reassignment of a civil matter to a district judge after having been assigned a magistrate judge, the matter will be randomly assigned to either Judge Nye or Judge Winmill.  

Finally, in bankruptcy appellate matters, if a party objects to the matter being heard by the Ninth Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel, Judge Nye and Judge Winmill are randomly assigned to hear appeals from the bankruptcy court.

General Case Assignment Information

Divisional Offices

Chief Judge Nye's Chambers is in Pocatello. However, Judge Nye travels to the divisional offices on a regular basis. Two weeks of each month, Judge Nye hears matters in Pocatello. The other two weeks are spent in Boise and Coeur d'Alene. Judge Nye's regular travel schedule may be dictated, however, by trial settings, hearings, or other matters, and is subject to change.

Law Clerk Case Assignment

To determine the law clerk assigned to your case:

  • log in to CM/ECF;
  • look in the upper right hand corner of the page; and
  • check the case flag.

Judge Nye's Law Clerks and Judicial Assistant

Judge Nye has three full-time law clerks, one part-time law clerk and one full-time judicial assistant/paralegal who assist with case management, motions, and trials.

Case Flag Law Clerk Phone Number
LC12 Michele Trichler (208) 334-9256
LC18 Anthony Budge (208) 478-8393
LC19 Bennett Briggs (208) 334-1026
LC20 Nicole Trotta (208) 334-9022
  Judicial Assistant  
AMYB Amy Beers (208) 478-8391

Email Bennett Briggs
Email Amy Beers
Email Nicole Trotta
Email Michele Trichler
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Applicable Rules

Applicable Rules - Court Sessions

Sessions of the Court:  Dist. Idaho L. Rule 77.2

Hours of the Court:       Dist. Idaho L. Rule 77.1

Venue:                          Dist. Idaho L. Rule 3.1