Chief U.S. Magistrate Judge Ronald E. Bush
Case Assignment

General Case Assignment Information

Updated on May 28, 2019

Judge Dale and Judge Bush each are randomly assigned the following cases: civil pro se cases; civil prisoner cases; and social security appeals. For all other civil cases, Judge Dale and Judge Bush together randomly receive approximately one-half of the civil cases. Civil matters require the consent of all parties who have appeared in the case for the matter to proceed before a magistrate judge.

In addition, Judge Dale and Judge Bush are each randomly assigned 50% of criminal class C misdemeanors and Petty Offense cases. Judge Dale and Judge Bush preside over criminal pretrial proceedings in felony cases, such as initial appearances, arraignments, detention hearings, and plea hearings.

Divisional Offices

Judge Bush's Chambers are in Boise. However, Judge Bush travels to the divisional offices on a regular basis. His travel schedule may be dictated by trial settings, hearings, or other matters, and is subject to change.  

Law Clerk Case Assignment

To determine the law clerk assigned to your case:

  • log in to CM/ECF;
  • look in the upper right hand corner of the page; and
  • check the case flag.

Judge Bush's Law Clerks


Case Flag Law Clerk Phone Number
LCDG Daniel Gordon (208) 334-1881
LCKS Kenneth Shumard (208) 334-1376


Applicable Rules

Applicable Rules - Court Sessions

Sessions of the Court:  Dist. Idaho L. Rule 77.2

Hours of the Court:       Dist. Idaho L. Rule 77.1

Venue:                          Dist. Idaho L. Rule 3.1