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Public Access to Court Electronic Records

Registration Process

Updated on Feb 05, 2024


Register for a PACER account and/or request e-filing access at the PACER Service Center.

  • Your PACER login/password is needed to look up information, review the docket, run reports, and to login to ECF to e-file documents.



  • The PACER Service Center is the Federal Judiciary's centralized registration, billing, and technical support center for electronic access to U.S. District, Bankruptcy, and Appellate court records nationwide.
  • Anyone can apply for a PACER account.
  • How much does PACER cost? See PACER Website.
  • A "Client Code" may be entered when using PACER in order to itemize the charges. 

ECF Login

  • A Registered Participant is an attorney, or other authorized person who has a PACER Login and Password and who has successfully completed the registration process through PACER.
  • To access ECF, you must be logged into your PACER account.  Note: You will no longer have a separate ECF Login and Password.
  • Non-attorneys may apply for a limited access account for the purpose of filing proof of claim forms and other creditor related documents in the Bankruptcy Court.
  • Once you have logged into PACER, your login is the official and legal signature of the filing party pursuant to the Electronic Case Filing Procedures and District of Idaho Local Rules.
  • Ensure you have an individual and upgraded PACER account (not a shared firm account).
  • There is no cost to e-file documents except for the regular filing fees required by the Judicial Conference.

Logging Out of ECF or PACER

  • Always use the "Logout" button on the ECF menu bar to exit.
  • The ECF system allows several minutes of idle time before it will automatically log-off a user. Therefore, if you do not exit using the Logout option, you may be locked out of ECF.
  • If you receive a login error stating - "The account you entered is already logged in" - you may click the "Continue Login" button at the bottom of the screen to continue to log in. If you receive a security error, you have been locked out. Please wait 10-15 minutes before you try again at which time you may be successful logging on.

PACER Fee Exemptions

  • PACER fee exemptions are granted on a case by case basis. CJA and other court-appointed parties can apply for a separate PACER account for which the fees are exempt. To apply for an exemption, the party must fill out the PACER Exemption Form (below) after having received a Login and password from the PACER service center.  Email requests to Stuart Kaylor. Thereafter, the Chief Judges will consider the request and either grant or deny the request. If approved, the court will notify the PACER service center.   

Public Access to Court Electronic Records Form
PACER Exemption Form
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