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Courtroom Deputies

Each judge has a designated courtroom deputy and you are encouraged to contact them to schedule a hearing or test courtroom technology prior to a hearing or trial.  See the chart below to find the courtroom deputy for a judge. 

Courtroom Deputies

Courtroom Deputies Contact Information

Updated on May 23, 2022
Judge Name Phone Number
Chief Judge Nye Patti Richmond (208) 478-4101
Judge Winmill Jamie Gearhart (208) 334-9021
Judge Dale Sunny Trumbull (208) 334-9327
Chief Judge Patricco Jackie Hildebrand (208) 334-9023
Judge Grasham Amy Tate (208) 334-9387
Sr. Judge Lodge Kimberly Tudela (208) 334-1473
Visiting Judges Kimberly Tudela (208) 334-1473
Sunny Trumbull Supervisor (208-334-9327


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Docket Clerks

Docket clerks are assigned cases by the terminal end digit of the case number.  See the chart below to find the docket clerk for a case.  You are, however, welcome to call any of the docket clerks with your filing questions.

Docket Clerk Civil & Criminal Case Assignment

Updated on Apr 12, 2022



Term Digits

Other Duties Assigned

Phone Number


Kelly Montgomery Operations Manager 3 CJA Administrator, Ops Manager Assignments, Interpreter Coordinator, Stats, Reconciliation Clerk 334-9028
Laura McInnes Operations Specialist 0, 1 & 2

Intake, Mail

Annie Williams Operations Specialist III 7, 8 & 9 Intake, Mail, Dictionary, Central Sign-On Clerk 665-6844
Jocelyn Dunnegan Operations Specialist III 4, 5 & 6 Intake, Mail, Internal QC, Reconciliation Clerk, Central Sign-On Clerk 334-9095
Anne Copas Operations Specialist


Intake, Mail 334-9397
Kelsey Phillips Operations Specialist Intake Intake, Outgoing Mail, Transcripts/Audio Requests, Bankruptcy case opening QC, FBI Requests, Pro Se Civil case opening, Archive Requests 334-1358


Email Links
Email Jamie Gearhart
Email Sunny Trumbull
Email Patti Richmond
Email Jackie Hildebrand
Email Amy Tate
Email Kelly Montgomery
Email Annie Williams
Email Jocelyn Dunnegan
Email Kimberly Tudela
Email Laura McInnes
Email ADR Administrator
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