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CJA eVoucher Program

The eVoucher program is an automated submission and approval process for CJA vouchers and promotes an efficient reimbursement procedure for review and approval of CJA counsel and expert vouchers.

For information on the District of Idaho's Criminal Justice Act (CJA) eVoucher Process and Procedures, see General Order 256.

Click the below link to access the eVoucher login page.

CJA eVoucher Login

There are resources available to assist you in filling out and submitting your eVoucher.  Click on the below links for assistance.  If you would like to speak to someone, see the below contact information.

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Training and eVoucher Resources
2018 Annual Western All-Star Conference
Brochure and Registration information for the 2018 Annual Western All-Star Conference & Confabulation to be held September 20-21, 2018 in Boise, ID.
District of Idaho, CJA Guidelines
General Order 231 -- CJA Procedures
eVoucher Overview
Create eVoucher Travel Request
eVoucher Manual for Attorneys
eVoucher Manual for Experts
Voucher Reference Tool
Navigating the CJA eVoucher Program
6 minute video
Maintaining the Attorney User Profile
8 minute video
CJA 20 Billing Tips
CJA 20 Attorney Voucher
13 minute video
CJA 21 Expert Services Voucher
With Prior Authorization.  13 minute video
CJA-21 and 31 Billing Tips
CJA 21 & 24 Voucher Instructions
CJA 25: Investigative/Expert Svcs (revised 8/16)
Notice to CJA Panel Attorney Regarding Availability of Investigative, Expert and Other Services. 
Case Compensation Maximums
Discovery Billing Tips
Expert Services Authorization Request
7 minute video
CJA CLE with Blair Perilman
Presentation of  "Managing your Criminal Case" by Blair Perilman, Ninth Circuit Case Managing Attorney.  CLE held August 17, 2017.
Idaho CJA eVoucher/Billing Training
Password: 4T*?*7=@
2021 ID Panel Training
CJA Billing Tips
ID AUTH Service Provider Funding Request Form
Request for Excess Compensation Form
REC Form and Billing Training

eVoucher Contact Information

For information or inquiries on filling out, submitting and general guidance on CJA Vouchers, contact the CJA Voucher Financial Specialist:

Name Phone Email
Sam McDonald (208) 334-9113


Email Sam McDonald