District Local Rule Civ 79.1 (Civil)
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(a)  After being admitted into evidence, exhibits of a documentary nature in any case pending or tried in this Court, including any such electronically stored information, shall be placed in the custody of the Clerk unless otherwise ordered by the Court. All other exhibits, models and material offered or admitted in evidence will be retained in the custody of the attorney or party producing the same at trial unless otherwise ordered by the Court.

(1)  At the conclusion of the trial or hearing, every exhibit marked for identification or introduced in evidence, all depositions and transcripts, must be returned to the party who produced them. 

(2)  On request, a party or their attorney who has custody of any exhibits, has the responsibility to produce any and all such exhibits to this Court or the Court of Appeals; and must grant the reasonable request of any party to examine or reproduce such for use in the proceeding. This obligation shall continue until any appeal has been finally resolved or time for filing a notice of appeal or petition for writ of certiorari has expired.

(b)  All exhibits received in evidence in a criminal case that are in the nature of narcotic drugs, legal or counterfeit money, firearms or contraband of any kind, must be retained by the United States Attorney or his or her designee pending disposition of the case and for any appeal period thereafter.