District Local Rule Crim 12.1 (Criminal)
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(a)  Procedural Orders. At the arraignment, the magistrate judge or district judge shall set cutoff dates for the filing of requests for discovery, pretrial motions, and submission of jury instructions in accordance with the Criminal Procedural Order as approved by the Court. These dates will be strictly adhered to unless an extension of time is granted by the Court upon good cause shown.

(b)  Pretrial Conference. At the time of the arraignment, a date will be set for a pretrial conference. In addition to any other matters to be covered, i.e., evidentiary or trial procedures, the defendant should be prepared to advise the trial judge (1) if the case will continue to trial based on a not guilty plea, or (2) whether the case will be resolved on a plea of guilty.


Fed. R. Crim. P. 12, 47
General Order #319