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Courtroom Deputies

Each judge has a designated courtroom deputy and you are encouraged to contact them to schedule a hearing or test courtroom technology prior to a hearing or trial.  See the chart below to find the courtroom deputy for a judge. 

Courtroom Deputies Contact Information

Updated on Oct 31, 2017
Judge Name Phone Number
Judge Winmill Jamie Bracke (208) 334-9021
Judge Lodge Sherri O'Larey (208) 334-1473
Judge Nye Pam Fulwyler (208) 478-4101
Judge Dale Amy Tate (208) 334-9387
Judge Bush Lynette Case (208) 334-9023
Judge Williams Sherri O'Larey (208) 334-9270
*Visiting Judges Sherri O'Larey (208) 334-9270
Wendy Messuri Supervisor (208) 334-9327


*Note:  Contact Sherri O'Larey regarding information for courtroom deputies for visiting judges.

Courtroom Deputy Email Links
Email Jamie Bracke
Email Sherri O'Larey
Email Pam Fulwyler
Email Amy Tate
Email Lynette Case
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