"Hello. My name is John Richards and I live on the Central Coast of California near Morro Bay in San Luis Obispo County. I am a California boy born and raised but feel deep roots going back to Idaho. I have an M.S. degree from San Diego State University in Rehabilitation Counseling and work as a Senior Counselor with the California State Department of Rehabilitation. I am 56 (Aug 1st) years young, now married almost 30 years to my wife Cindy and we have two boys ages 23 (Joe), 27 (Josh) and a daughter age 15 (Caley). My oldest son has been married for two years to his wife Chrystie. They have an eight year old foster son (Noah) so that makes me a foster grandfather. I am thankful that all of us are healthy and doing well."

     "My hobbies include exploring our beautiful coast, venturing off in our motorhome, gardening, reading, and of course studying history-particularly Civil War through the early 1900’s."

      "The labor and mining issues in the Rocky Mountains, my great grandfather’s assassination, the Haywood trial and Idaho history in general have become a passion in recent years. I enjoy collecting books, periodicals, photos and other items related to those events and times. I visited Idaho in 2005, the one hundredth year since my great grandfather’s assassination and again in March 2007, one hundred years after the Haywood trial. During that two year period it has been very gratifying to see the establishment of the George L. Crookham, Jr. Collection at the ACI archives comprising the papers of Frank Steunenberg, to stumble across the original Harry Orchard confession through a chance contact with the great granddaughter of Frank Gooding (and the resulting donation of those documents to the ISHS), attending “The Gate on 16th Avenue” at the Boise Little Theatre and to film a segment for IPTV’s “The Trial of the Century. I am very happy to have participated and to have contributed in some small way. I wish to thank all those who have taken an interest and played a part in these historical events in Idaho. "