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District of Idaho

Chief Judge B. Lynn Winmill

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U.S. District Judge Edward J. Lodge
Trial Procedures
Judge Lodge's Trial Procedures

Judge Lodge's Trial Procedures

Setting a Trial Date: The Court's Scheduling Order will set a trial date at the commencement of the case.  

Pretrial Conference: Judge Lodge does not hold a pretrial conference, but the parties may contact the Law Clerk assigned to the case to discuss trial procedures and address any questions regarding procedures. Generally, the conference with the law clerk will be held telephonically with all parties on the line.

Motions in Limine: Motions should be filed no later than 30 days before trial with responses due 14 days after the filing of the motion. The Court will review motions in limine prior to trial. If it is determined that a hearing is necessary, the Court will contact the parties to schedule one. If appropriate, the Court may issue a written order on any motions in limine.

Pre-Trial Filings: Trial briefs, jury instructions, proposed voir dire, witness and exhibit lists must all be filed 14 days before trial.

Exhibits/Witness Lists: The Court encourages the parties to meet prior to trial to discuss issues related to the trial, such as stipulations regarding the admissibility of exhibits. Exhibit and witness lists are due two weeks prior to trial.

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