Court Reporters/Transcripts


Court Reporters

On occasion a contract court reporter or ESR (electronic sound recorder) may be used instead.  Please check the minute entry on the docket sheet.

Judge Winmill:  Tammy Hohenleitner, (208) 334-1500
Judge Lodge:   Lisa Erstad Yant, (208) 334-9721

Contract Court Reporters:  For contact information, please call.

For Transcript Orders and Electronic Sound Recorders (ESR) for both Magistrate and Bankruptcy Proceedings contact:
For hearings held in: Boise (208) 334-1361
Pocatello (208) 478-4123
Moscow/Coeur d'Alene (208) 665-6850

CDs   All bankruptcy and magistrate judge proceedings are recorded by the electronic sound recording method, and therefore, CD's can be reproduced of those hearings. In order to listen to the recordings, you will need a multi-media PC and free downloadable player software.

  • $30 per CD.
  • CD orders are processed when the $30 fee is received by the Court (in form of a check made out to the U.S. Courts).
  • Money orders are required for debtors in bankruptcy


Transcript orders will be processed when the designated transcriber receives the estimated dollar amount. Money orders are required from debtors in bankruptcy.

NOTE: An on-line order form will soon be available to assist you in completing the estimate/order process. The estimated date for this service is March 2012. When this service is activated, you will see a link to the order form HERE.

The form will ask you for information regarding the case and what portions you want to receive. After submitting the form, you will receive an email with an estimate for each of the following delivery options. When you respond to the email with your preferred delivery method, an order will be placed to a transcription company.


TRANSCRIPT FEES - All Parties per Page (effective April14, 2011)
Delivery Option Delivery Definitions Original First Copy to Each Party Each Additional Copy
to Same Party
Ordinary Rate Transcript to be delivered within 30 calendar days after receipt of order.   $ 3.65
$  .90
$  .60
14-Day Rate Transcript to be delivered within 14 calendar days after receipt of order.
$ 4.25
$  .90
$  .60
Expedited Rate Transcript to be delivered within 7 calendar days after receipt of order.
$ 4.85
$  .90
$  .60
Daily Rate Transcript to be delivered following adjournment and prior to normal opening hour of court on following morning whether or not it actually is a court day.
$ 6.05
$ 1.20
$  .90
Hourly Rate Transcript (ordered under unusual circumstances) to be delivered within 2 hours.
$ 7.25
$ 1.20
$  .90
* Realtime Unedited
(including diskette)

A draft unedited transcript produced by a certified realtime reporter as a by-product of realtime to be delivered electronically during proceedings or immediately following adjournment. This transcript has not been checked, proofread or corrected. It is a draft transcript, not a certified transcript. As such, it may contain computer-generated mistranslations of stenotype code or electronic transmission errors, resulting in inaccurate or nonsensical word combinations, or untranslated stenotype symbols which cannot be deciphered by non-stenotypists.

* A litigant who orders realtime services will be required to purchase an original certified transcript of the same pages of realtime unedited transcript at the regular rates (ordinary, 14-day, expedited, daily or hourly). A realtime unedited transcript will not be sold to anyone who is not a party to the case without prior approval of the presiding judge.

   $3.05 (one feed)
   $2.10 (two-to-four feeds)
   $1.50 (five or more feeds)

A realtime "feed" is the electronic data flow from the court reporter to the computer of each person or party ordering and receiving the realtime transcription in the courtroom.

These rates are applicable to each page of the transcript, excluding the certification page which must be included at the end of each transcript volume.



At its September 2007 session, the Judicial Conference approved a new policy to make electronic transcripts of court proceedings available to the public.
(JCUS-SEP 07, pp. 11-12).

1) A transcript provided to the court by a court reporter or transcriber will be available at the office of the clerk of court for inspection only, for a period of 90 days after it is e-filed.

2) During the 90-day period, a copy of the transcript may be obtained from the court reporter or transcriber at the rate established by the Judicial Conference.  The transcript will be available within the court for internal use, and an attorney who obtains the transcript from the court reporter or transcriber may obtain remote electronic access to the transcript through the court’s CM/ECF system.

3) After the 90-day period has ended, the filed transcript will be available for inspection and copying in the clerk’s office and for download from the court’s CM/ECF system through PACER.  If a Redacted Transcript is filed (see Policy and Procedures below), the Redacted Transcript is available for public access and the original transcript remains restricted.



Amendments to the Federal Civil and Criminal Rules of Procedure implementing the E-Government Act of 2002's requirement to protect the privacy and security of publicly available electronic filings are in effect regarding the public access to court transcripts. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the attorneys to comply with this requirement when ordering transcripts of federal court proceedings.

In addition, the District of Idaho Local Rule 5.5(c) provides for the security of the names and information regarding jurors or potential jurors.

Transcript Redaction Procedures

Sample Transcript Redaction Request



Bankruptcy Court e-Transcript Procedures for Court Reporter/Transcribers
(effective February 21, 2009)

District Court e-Transcript Procedures for Court Reporter/Transcribers

Administrative Office Q&A

Summary - Guidance on Implementation of Judicial Conference Policy



For non-appeal purposes, CJA counsel should contact the appropriate court reporter to request an estimate of the cost for transcripts and file an appropriate motion with the court requesting payment of transcript fees by the CJA.

In both instances, the Court Reporter/Transcriber will complete the appropriate CJA 24 form to receive payment from the CJA.

CJA 24 Voucher

Until the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts is able to revise the CJA 24 form to include the new 14-day rate effective November 1, 2007, attorneys should check expedited" and write "14-day" in the available space in item 14B (without this notation, "expedited" would be a 7-day transcript).